agotrans Logistik GmbH

Truck docking stations for loading and unloading goods

Modernization and standardization of the internal and external appearance of agotrans Logistik GmbH through a consistent corporate design.

Uniform graphics, professional photos, infographics, an own icon world and creative solutions are the way to go.

Company logo together with the brand colours
Specially developed icon language - some excerpts
Corporate identity in print materials
Print material
Notebooks in the brand colors
Agotrans Christmas Cards
Corporate brochure to welcome new employees
14th monthly salary
Employee presents and thank you cards
Outside views of the building with blue corner on which the logo stands and loading and unloading gates
3D rendering of the modular exhibition stand consisting of three textile walls and modular counters. View as use on a stand and view of a small in-house application from a folding wall and a counter.
Example double page of the welcome brochure for apprentices. Our Values: Responsibility, Customer Orientation, Entrepreneurial Spirit