FBB Group, Ambiente, Frankfurt

Close-up of the Immersion theme area with lots of green

84 + 8 sqm, planning, concept, realisation

A two-part exhibition stand for two brands belonging together, plus a small area for a third brand. Large loosely hanging textile sails create visual levels and an open space. For Maison Berger, special presentation tables with surfaces illuminated from below were made to show the glass products to their best advantage.

Two-part comparison of the two sides of the trade fair stand
floor plan of the entire exhibition stand
3D rendering of the Durance surface, grey back wall with large illustration, wooden floor, illuminated shelf systems and oak presentation table.
Durance shelves with products are viewed by customers.
3D rendering of the Maison Berger area, blue back wall, transparent textiles, wooden floor, elevated rig
Ambiente booth from the side with a view of some transparent textiles and brand wall by FBB.
Highly frequented booth, view through a gap between two textile sails.
theme area immersion with lots of greenery
booth with many visitors, view from the corridor
sales talks at the exhibition stand
side wall of the main stand with small area for IOSIS in the foreground