FBB Group, Expopharm Düsseldorf

Expopharm color swatches for both exhibitors

40 sqm split into two parts

Maison Berger and Durance shared this booth on the Expopharm. The challenge was that both should get approximately the same space and visibility from the hallways. Half-height walls were used to split the booth in two sections without obstructing the view from the main hallway to the rear Maison Berger area. Placing this divider on an angle gave the rear section a larger aisle access. The visual split streches across the floor and wall color to optically divide the two areas, while the gap in the dividng wall allows the easy passage from one space to the other.

Another challenge was giving employes storage space and hiding the cablework without a cabin on the booth. This was solved by adding a triangular wall section to the dividing wall and including two hidden access doors to an electrical and a storage section within this wall. An added benefit is the creation of extra wall space facing the aisles for both exhibitors.

Looking down on the both from a top view
Three-quarter view of the booth with both sections visible
Two view angles on the Maison Berger section of the booth
View on the Durance section of the booth and towards the connection between both exhibitor areas
View from the smaller side aisle
Three-quarter view rendering
View from the main hallway
alternative booth layouts from the concept phase