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Individual notebooks in company look

Applying our own branding

Our own design should not be neglected either, but it is important to us to be able to show as many materials and techniques as possible. From haptic feedback through deep embossing, special foils that glow in different colors depending on the angle of light, a very special gradient in the color edge of our business cards, to the various materials in our showroom.

Showroom made of different materials, processing, finishing, techniques and corporate philosophy
Lasered MDF board with the text Exhibition and Design
Material showroom with different effect foils on textile stretching frames, forex and chipboard
Company values individuality, innovation, interactivity in effect film on black rigid foam board
Red-orange reflecting film values laminated in effect foil on black Forex
Business card with gradient color in dark environment
Business card with printed deep embossing and gradient color cut
Individualized business cards with special color cut, held in hand
Brandbox with own branded notebook in corporate look
notebooks in your own corporate design
Historical project, lithography posters Paris, Frankfurt, Rome