niroflex, IFFA Frankfurt

Niroflex Firmenlogo mit LED Beleuchtung

5 m high black walls make up the stage for the fine stainless steel mesh gloves from Niroflex.

Through the charming use of high-quality, illuminated boards, the products are perfectly illuminated and staged.

The corner is equipped with a 5m high black LED chaser construction.

Links: Three-quarter view of the exhibition stand with running light LEDs behind the logo. Right: large textile graphic with cool tattooed butcher.
Running light LED grid construction from two views
Frontal view of the exhibition area, LED grid on the left, suspended chain mail shirts on the right, illuminated counter and shelves in the middle
Interested customers having the products explained to them by stand personnel at the illuminated presentation furniture.
Curious customer in a suit is shown the chain mail shirts at the suspended exhibit
Employee points to an exhibit and explains the function
Customer tries out the buckle on the chain glove with both hands
Rubber-coated and steel mesh gloves on underlit presentation counter
Different types of the product are presented on a counter illuminated from below
Products on acrylic shelves completely illuminated from the inside
Steel mesh gloves suspended in a gray frame for presentation
Acrylic torso suspended from the ceiling with chain shirt - detail view
3D rendering of the exhibition stand in three-quarter view
3D rendering stand concept front view