Ebike das Original / ADVANCED Technologies

ADVANCED Titel Detail

Entwicklung eines Marken-Neuauftritts

EBIKE das Original becomes ADVANCED Technologies. With the new name came a new strategic direction and a new logo and a whole new Hero product. The launch of the new brand was designed with new communication methods in mind.

Important were the first points of contact for both retailers as well as customers. The new end-user catalog divides the products neatly into categories that match their areas of application. A so-called Bikefinder supports the potential customer with a narrowed-down selection of bikes that fit their needs.

Corresponding specification tables provide additional depth for all those who want to familiarize themselves more precisely with the installed components.

For the company's new presentation at trade fairs and in their retailers' shops the new look is defined by using custom-made display stands. Taking into account high visibility from further away, and close interactions, transparency as well as a color scheme to make it easier for visitors to find their desired product.