BOSCH, Interpack, Düsseldorf, 3.500 sqm

interaktiver Tisch mit 3D Elementen zur Übersicht der Lagerhalle und der Bereiche des Messestands

Creation of a GRID trade fair system

Every three years the packaging machinery industry meets in Düsseldorf. The packaging division of Robert Bosch GmbH comprises twelve different sectors, ranging from the food-world to the pharmaceutical sector. The aim was to introduce the gigantic machine lines to the consumer world.

A special modular grid for recording content, exchangeable textile graphics and media displays has been developed for this. Each machine has its own stage. Each 'world' is subject to a colour concept and is framed emotionally and optically for the visitor.

Topview booth layout Rendering
Various areas in various color worlds
Jelly World
Dairy World
Snack World
Biscuit World
Research and Development World
Service World
Service World, interaktive worldmap
i4.0 area
i4.0 area, interaktive booth wall and interactive 3D overview table