Logbook Freezer Dryer

Syntegon Flash Green Square Pattern

Editorial design to strengthen customer loyalty and product improvement.

Optimizing the service and processes together with the customer.

This is what furthers customer loyalty. Together with Syntegon, we developed a logbook that picks up the trend of bullet journals and puts a smile on the customer's face during the first year of running their new machine.

On 168 pages, the operator of the machine is animated and prompted for daily entries and notes.

While the collected feedback is quite important, filling out these entries remains simple and the pages are interspersed with light-hearted phrases.

Small details reinforce the identification with Syntegon and its values.

Logbuch Sideview
Writing entries in the loogbook
Opened Loogbook with branded pencil
Opened Loogbook with empty feedback section
Detail shot of quotes on section intro pages