A forest in the middle of the KaDeWe

St Louis logo on transparent textile, backlit with view of crystal chandelier behind it

29 sqm retail space in the KaDeWe is transformed into a forest landscape.

"Crystals only shine when it's dark" – with this phrase we have been briefed in the retail project for the brand St Louis, which belongs to the Hermes Group.

The concept and the idea came from the agency V8designers from Strassbourg.

The task was to create a mystical forest at dusk in the well-lit KaDeWe, in which the crystal chandeliers and vases are particularly well accentuated.

Real moss and real tree bark were important elements on which much emphasis was placed. At the same time, it had to be ensured that the stand is durable and still looks good after a year.

HDW was responsible for the implementation, planning, and realization.

Fairy tale forest sales area from the large open side
Side view of the large open side of the stand
View of transparent textile and stand with real moss and trees
KaDeWe renovation sign in front of fully installed stand
Textile illuminated by the chandelier hanging behind it, which serves to darken the stand
Detail pictures with flamed wooden planks and chandelier over forest floor
Crystal glass chandelier in the middle of the forest among moss and trees
Trees with real tree bark integrated as columns on the sales floor.
Vase in forest between preserved moss
Crystal glass vases from St Louis in the forest