SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH, Wire, Düsseldorf, 594 sqm

Detailaufnahme des Stahl-Stäbeportfolios

Concept, planning and realisation of the trade fair appearance, exhibit furniture and accompanying communication

Bright, walk-in niches in the anthracite-coloured walls give the products a calm and high-quality stage. A shadow image, constructed from the company's own steel, forms the company's logo, serves as a key visual and as a magnet for visitors. The shadow image can already be seen from the outside.

Everything made from steel on the booth, is made from the company's own material. From the fruit basket to the lampshade.

The topic of sustainability is lived through the recycling of components from the previous year as well as the continued use of the textile graphics and the shadow image after the fair, in the offices of the business units.

Shadow play construction made of steel which throws the company logo onto the wall from the right perspective by illuminating it. Plus the explanation of the symbolism of the different levels.
Shadow play from the side, levels are visible, claim:
View over the grey-white exhibition stand with blue accents from the bar's point of view
Views of the brochure stand, the entrance to the restaurant area and a portfolio of steel rods next to the silhouette.
Well-visited exhibition stand with a view of the information desk
Three people look at product information on a large touch screen
Views, fruit bowl from own material, brand image gallery and exhibit niche energy
Jewellery showcase in the foreground with filigree steel chains and visitors in the background looking at the medical showcase
View of the restaurant through huge semi-transparent textile back wall
Blue world map with white location pins to show the locations of Schmolz + Bickenbach in the world
Textile-covered aluminium frame with information graphics on the value-added cycle, between two meeting booths
Views of the polygonal aviation exhibit niche with aircraft graphics and two exhibit panels, photos of two such exhibit panels
Exhibit panels and steles with inscriptions for the construction sector