SCHOTT AG, Erich Schott Center

Design concept for the entrance area of the Erich Schott Centre - 3D rendering

Erich Schott Center – concept of a showroom

The entire world and all industrial sectors of SCHOTT shown with maximum flexibility when it comes to space utilization.

Development of a SCHOTT matrix that runs through the entire concept in a polygonal graphic and design language and presents all products in an overall context.

The showcases are designed as docking furniture and can be easily shipped to trade fairs all over the world. If you need the space for a reception, the showcases are lined with a flexible media wall. The individual showcases can be extended by tables with stand-up tables.

Product grid of the customer
Polygonal Elements
Foyer of the Erich Schott Centre
Tour through the exhibition per augmented reality
View of the exhibits and central wall
Modular Exhibit Displays
combination of seating and presentation furniture
Different settings for different functions of the area
Exhibition, Conference, Meet and Greet Positions
construction as conference room with presentation area
Meet and Greet Structure
Bar and standing tables