Only essentials


Corporate Design und Packaging

Logo and corporate design for a young start-up brand including packaging, label design, website design and flyer, brochures and social media.

The reduced and pure design corresponds to the core of the product: hand and mask disinfectant made from 100% natural ingredients; reduced to the essentials:

Clarity, purity, relaxation and simplicity.

Okani not only protects reliably, but also takes users on a trip through the world of fragrances.

Stylised line illustrations indicate the respective aroma. A lot of white space and clear typography define the high-quality face of the new brand. A project from the heart of the two friends and founders Anina and Franziska from Switzerland as well as from us.

Entstehung des Okani Logos
rechts Okani Spender und links Farbwelt von Okani
Spender auf verschiedenen Farben
Verpackungen und Aufkleber von Okani
Visitenkarte und Broschüre von Okani
Alle Vektor Blüten von Okani mit Beschriftung