Materials as background with Köhl logo

Layout for new price lists, material overview, and development of an icon system – Organizing product information in a clear, tangible manner, and in harmony with the new brand identity.

For the new brand identity, the first step involved streamlining existing information, simplifying product names, and developing a naming concept for newly introduced products. Existing documents were reimagined to provide a clearer overview with easier handling, both in digital and analog formats. This includes the generous use of digital in-document cross-references and physical page tabs, both featuring a clear product classification.

On the website, users are additionally given the option to filter content based on their specific needs, either by room or product type.

The calm color palette directs focus towards the product, while clear information hierarchies enhance user guidance in price lists, brochures, and the website. Technical terms and components are easily comprehensible through illustrative graphics, directly associated with respective products. The new price lists allow for the individual use of seperate product sections as needed.

Previously complex signage regarding materials used and their appliation are integrated into a unified and expandable matrix based on icons. A central icon indicates the type of material, complemented on the sides by icons representing the utilized application. This design ensures immediate recognition, for example, of the options for smooth or perforated leather in a particular product.

Signature Köhl logo on a sight gray background
Legend overview of an icon system for material labeling, including fabric, 3D mesh, synthetic leather, leather, polypropylene, and high-pressure laminate (HPL)
Combinations of material icons with application examples, showcasing how material icons can be combined with processing icons
Application example for the material icon system, excerpt from the brochure
Mockup of the cover of the material brochure
Mockup of an excerpt from the material brochure, featuring an image and a brief description
Mockup of an excerpt from the material brochure, showcasing the application of the icon system
Mockup of the cover of the price list, front and back with spine
Mockup of an excerpt from the price list
Mockup of an excerpt from the price list
The icon world for the price list, featuring various motifs such as chair functions and different swivel bases