Klinikum Höchst

Wartebereich Tapete mit Fischen

Wall design for the hospital in Höchst

The architecture of the new hospital in Höchst resembles that of an ideal city thanks to its rectangular grid and functional construction.

The aim and desire was to create an optimal wall design for the long corridors, waiting areas and central desks that would relieve people's fears and have a relaxing effect on patients, visitors and staff. It was important to the client to make the technical and, for many people, scary and threatening world of medicine warm and friendly.

The theme of the healing environment has been researched a lot in recent years and is used here with motifs from flora and fauna. The starting point was the already existing colour concept. The flower and leaf images are distorted and recombined in a kaleidoscope pattern. The simple line drawings create a strong contrast to the nature images and also serve as orientation. We designed walls ranging from 23m high to 13m long and deal with themes such as children's intensive care units, geriatrics, waiting areas and recovery rooms.

Leitstelle im Krankenhaus Höchst mit blauer Storchenschnabelblume
Entwürfe und grafische Herleitung der Tapetendesigns
hohe Magistralen mit Vogelmustertapeten
Aquarell Vogel Aquarell Illustrationen Kinderstation
Leitstelle blaue Aquarelle Blumen
Kinderwartezimmer mit Fischtapete