Generating attention in passing


SYNTEGON Logo Schild auf Achema Messe

Trade fair concept + implementation for the service area of Syntegon Technology at Achema

The new service levels were to be presented at the trade fair and the interest in the different levels was to be measured with a simple and low-threshold method.

For this purpose, cylinders were filled with chocolate lentils, which visitors could choose from depending on their level of interest.

The concept is based on various visual effects that are perceived as one passes by. Projection images in the form of so-called agamographs allow the visitor to recognise the whole message only from certain angles, and the key visual unfolds its surprising effect en passant by means of a moiré effect. Simple analogue effects still work today and appeal to the visitors' urge to discover.

Rendering von ganzem Messestand
Bild Vorderseite von Messestand mit Empfang
Hyperlapse von erster Grafik
Hyperlapse von Hand Grafik
Hyperlapse von zweiter Grafik
Level Grafik mit M&M