SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH, Wire Düsseldorf, 594 sqm

Memory Spiel mit Endprodukten und Branchen

Concept, planning and realisation of the trade fair appearance, exhibit furniture and accompanying communication material

To accompany the trade fair booth at Wire, special means of communication were created for visitors and employees.

Recurring motifs, with the aim of linking products with industries and applications, in the form of a memory game on a large touch screen, in physical form to take away and on a wall in the restaurant area.

Miniature versions of a special product can be distributed as patience puzzles and the coffee is available in a sustainable bamboo cup in the company colours.

A manual was developed for the employees with all the information about the exhibition booth, the business units of their own company, schedules and more.

Animation of all memory game symbols
Complete memory with all icons facing up
Corporate memory game at the trade booth
Memory displayed on the wall of the restaurant area as large 3D triangles
Accompanying communications material
Print Material
Overview of print products
Trade fair guide for employees
Sustainable bamboo coffee cups in corporate design colors