White KÖHL logo on Signature Blue background

Brand realignment Köhl – Reevaluate the old. Embrace the new. Establish new constants. Evolve identity.

The identity of the KÖHL brand has been redefined, aligned for the future, and linked with the company on a long-term basis. The new brand values of RESPONSIBILITY & PASSION and CREDIBILITY & CREATIVITY combine rational, serious traits with emotional characteristics.

The new logo is designed to function digitally, be placed on products, and, most importantly, be future-proof. The simplified element of a seat shell is reflected in the logo, establishes a link to the product and can also be used as a standalone graphic element.

Rather than flashy colors, the new color palette provides a calm, high-quality base that highlights the product. The logo serves as a signature and does not compete with the products.

New information hierarchies, designed from the user's perspective, simplify navigating through price lists, brochures, and the website.

Technical terms and product components are supported by illustrations. A new illustration style has been introduced for the latter, complementing the existing illustration portfolio and set up to be easily expanded upon.

A unique photo concept positions KÖHL as transparent and honest. Photosets may be visible, and the set shots are later combined with real reference pictures of products in application.

Internal communication has been strengthened through the early involvement of employees, solidifying the brand from within.

The values of Köhl: Responsibility and Passion, Credibility and Creativity on a Signature Blue background, accompanied by explanatory texts for each value and a selection from the illustrated portfolio
Signature KÖHL logo on a white background
Color palette of Köhl, featuring the primary color, Signature Blue, and its three shades, the black tone with its four shades, and the secondary color, Köhl Bronze, with one shade
Köhl font, Mulish, presented in its various typefaces
The seat shell from the Köhl logo in various applications
Excerpts from the three different icon worlds: Technical drawings, application areas, and the product portfolio
Mockup of the folder layout
Mockup of a zigzag flyer featuring a concise summary of the design manual
Color derivation from the cover layout of the brochures
Mockup of stacked product brochures
Lounge brochure opened with the spine facing up
Mockup of three product brochures in an overview graphic, featuring covers and excerpts from their content
Mockup of the business cards
The six different room categories of the website
Mockup of the website in desktop version and mobile version
Different slides of the PowerPoint layout, including titles, various intermediate pages, and information/fact pages
Exterior flags featuring ARTISO, KAMPUS, and KARISMA